Thursday, June 5, 2008


One of the goals I had when I signed up for this challenge was to use materials on hand from my stash to complete the monthly projects.  I have had limited success.  For each of the four months thus far, I have used at least one item from my stash in each project.  However, I also bought new materials as needed to complete the designs so that they'd be visually appealing.  As a result, I can't really say there was a huge net outflow of stash.  Imperceptible might be more like it.

So when Sharon named stash as this month's focus for the challenge, I was sort of giddy with delight.  I began thinking up ways to incorporate a number of fibers and fabrics from my stash into a project - probably another page for my fabric book.

But I attended a wool applique class yesterday, and  the women began discussing really old, unfinished past projects.  Some of these projects went back almost 50 years.  Do any of you remember these passing needlework fads: crewel embroidery; needlepoint; macrame; candlewicking; cross stitch (counted and/or stamped, depending on your preference); knitting a la 1970's; crochet (1960's hats and vests); well, the list could go on and on, especially if you include non-fiber crafts like beading and pottery.  As I drove home from the class, I thought about all the pattern books that still populate my bookshelves.  I thought they were kind of like stash, too.  Projects not yet realized, just fodder for dreams.  Eye candy of a sort.

Anyway, I am thinking I will do a walk down memory lane using my stash of both books and fiber.  Maybe a collage of past techniques rolled into one page - a crazy quilt-like page.  An index of stashed items.  Heaven knows, I could use a guide - I get really annoyed with myself when I come upon a kit I purchased back in the day when my eyesight was good and I knew what was in every drawer in the house.

So, this weekend, I will pull out my stash for every fiber technique I have ever attempted and see if I can find some design inspiration in the needlework books in my book stash, aka library.  By Sunday, I hope to have a design in mind, although I may be very late posting the finished product.  I enrolled in a quilting class and the first meeting was last Saturday.  The goal is to have a finished lap quilt by June 30th.  I am busily sewing the 4-patch design, but I'm having the devil of a time getting the points to meet.  I guess that's what happens when I sign up for a class having no experience with a sewing machine or rotary cutter.  Fortunately, the instructor, Margot, is the most patient person in the world.  I'm sure she finds students like me trying, but she just keeps smiling.  And even though all the blocks aren't perfect, it's sort of coming together nicely and looks really good from 3 feet away.  It won't win any competitions I'm sure if judges get up close, but it's making me happy, and that was my principle goal.

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Tanguera said...

Ooh, candlewicking. I thought I was the only one that did that.