Friday, May 30, 2008

Wow! I'm Done

I am pleased as punch with May's project results.  I confess it was a struggle to come up with a design that expressed my feelings about being an artist, but the whole thing turned out way better than I had hoped for.  Here's the front of the piece.  I used the two shell beads to hide the holes I had deliberately made to allow the page to fit into the book I started last month.  It was just as well that I added an embellishment to each side of "Fear."  Had I put the page in the book as it was originally designed, some of the page's detail would have been obscured as other pages were added.  I will pick up some stitches along the top of the page and knit an edge to accommodate the book binding, so the piece will ultimately be about 1.5" longer than it is now.  But when it is inserted into the book, the entire design will be visible.

I incorporated a selvedge into the knitted piece, so I was able to make a hem which framed the fabric backing nicely.  I wasn't able to work the accent yarns I selected last Saturday into the piece - a tassel just didn't work right on the piece.  So even though I love dangly thingies, and even though I had plenty of beads available to hang about, I did not use them this time except to embellish the fabric backing, as you can see from the following photo.  The color palette in this photo by the way is truer to the actual work than some of the other photos where the fibers are grayer.

And here's a close-up of the fuschia on the fabric backing,

the shell beads, 

and the appliqued fabric on the front of the work.

If I had a do-over for any part of this challenge, I'd have thought through the size of the piece better, so that I wouldn't have to go back and add a section to bind the work.  And I'd have used the same color palette for the shells.  In my defense, the shells were not meant to be attached to the page, but were supposed to be used to weight the tassels on either side of the page.

Onward to June.  I hope I can keep up next month.  I will be very busy at my paying job for the next sixty days so the challenge really will be a challenge in more ways than one.

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