Monday, May 26, 2008

Got It Together (Sort Of)

I decided that all I needed to complete the project were some gently contrasting fibers to make a tassel or two and maybe edge the page, and some additional beads to embellish the tassel and fill in blank spaces on the page.

So I stopped at the bead store and did some more shopping with the help of the proprietor and her assistant, who both have a good eye for color.   We chose beads in neutral tones to avoid a jarring effect.  The following photo shows the beads, but the depth of the darker shades captured by the camera is greater than what the eye actually sees.  I will not use all the beads for the embellishments, so the darker beads will mainly be for accent.

Next, I selected fiber from my stash to make the tassels.  Several of the fibers were samples I picked up at knitting conventions or "yarn tastings"  given by my LYS (local yarn shop).  I always wondered what I'd do with a two yard sample of fiber other than cram it into a bag with all the other unlabeled samples.  Well, now I know.   Anyway, I chose subtle (for me) colors, which believe it or not were hard to find in my stash.  The yarns looked good not only with the beads, but also with the semi-completed page and the fabric backing.  Here's the fiber:

And here are the beads and fibers together.  I have everything now to finish the page, I think.  I'll try to get the results posted by Saturday.

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