Friday, June 27, 2008

Better than I Had Planned

I am absolutely dancing for joy.  I love the piece that resulted from the combination of knitted scrumble and freeform needlepoint.  I have to say though, that I didn't end up with what I had planned.  I had thought I to use a patchwork of several different fibers and fabrics from my stash.  But as I began to work the piece, it became clear that what looked best was an all-wool patchwork.  What really surprised me most was the seamless transition between the knitted scrumble and the needlepoint. 

In this photo, you can make out the needlepoint on the right and bottom left.  The middle part of the photo shows the knitted scrumble.

Here's a close-up of the needlepoint.  I did end up using the beads, but not as I had originally planned.  I had thought I'd do a whole panel of beading, but instead I just used the beads to embellish and accent the panels.  The beading was done randomly, sometimes just to cover up a part of the free-form I didn't like, sometimes to highlight an area.  I did more beading on the needlepoint panels than on the scrumble.

I had planned to use a paper backing for the piece, with a border of ribbon - both from my stash.  But after some consideration of how I wanted the piece to be able to bend and drape, I decided to go to my fabric stash instead.  There, I found a remnant I bought a few months ago.  It's glittery and has the same deep rose-to-pink color palette that is dominant in the scrumble and needlepoint.

Here's a side-by-side of the front and back.

This weekend, I'll sew the backing to the piece and roll the fabric to the front to create a hemmed edge, so that the fabric will show  bit on the front.   If I manage to finish the piece by Sunday morning, I'll post photos of the finished product before I go back to the capitol.  If not, I'll post next weekend.  

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Miss 376 said...

It looks stunning, looking forwards to seeing it Sunday