Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Can Do That - Or Can I?

I was feeling pretty good about my project until I sat down to actually do some work on it.  First of all, I realized that attaching the scrumble to the canvas would make the piece difficult to work on.  So, I sketched the outline on the canvas, set the scrumble aside, selected some wool for the needlepoint panel, and began stitching.

It wasn't too long into the project before I realized that the embroidery with floss panel might not work.  The wool panels of the design are "heavy" and will overpower any floss embroidery I might put into a section.  So, I have not jettisoned the embroidery idea, but the panel will not be done with floss.  I think I might be able to save the beading section, though, because the beads are weighty enough to be compatible with the wool fiber.

I also decided to pull the unfinished ends of the scrumble sections to the front of the piece.  It gives the panel a less finished appearance, and I'll see if I like that effect when I get to the assembly stage.  Right now, for the work-in-progress stage, I like it.

I have three needlepoint sections finished - all freeform, which is definitely out of my comfort zone.  But the sections look good with the scrumble, which is free-form too.  When I get back to the capitol tomorrow night, I'll see if I can work in a beading section.

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