Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another Month, Another Page

I managed to find an hour or so to finish the June Challenge.  Here is the finished page mounted in the book I began a couple of months ago.

I made the page a little larger than the first one I completed.  Right now, it is on the top (page 1?) but I will eventually change the placement as the book evolves.  The knitted scrumble is in the middle of the page, and the needlepoint panels are to the right and left.  I wrote on Friday that there was a smooth transition from the knitting to the needlepoint, which is not was I was after at first.  I had planned discrete panels of embroidery with floss, beading, crocheting, etc.  However, I am glad I stuck with my gut instinct after the first two needlepoint sections.  The transition from knitting to needlepoint is so smooth in some places that you really have to examine the work carefully to see which panel is which.

Here is a close-up of the page.  The knitted border panel includes the eyelash fiber and the two light purple and the pink mohair yarns.  The needlepoint border panel includes the yellow, light blue and dark blue sections.   The piece looks better than the photo depicts.  It's so good that I am thinking of using the other scrumbles to make some additional pieces to frame and sell.  I have to work out the blocking - the piece does not lie flat, but I did not use a frame when I was stitching so that could rectify the problem.  I'd also have to see about the framing.  There are several good framers in my area who specialize in mounting needlework, so maybe one of them could offer some suggestions.  It might be a good series to use in charity challenges, since I already have the scrumbles done and the other elements are in my stash.  Framing would be the only cost, and I do have a miter box.....

I wasn't wild about the page backing I selected after I got the whole thing stitched together.  However, I did get the fabric from my stash and as a result I spent $0 for this challenge.  Everything for this project came from stash.  Wow!  And it's done.  Margot, my quilting instructor, kept asking us during my recent class with her:  "Do you want it perfect or do you want it done?"   For this challenge, I want to try new techniques and have fun, so I guess in some ways I wanted it done so that I could move on to next month's assignment.  It was a test piece for technique and mixed stitching types and I succeeded in what I set out to do, even though the piece evolved significantly from the initial concept.  

Here's a close-up (sort 0f) of the back of the page as it looks in the book.

And here's a shot from a distance.

See you in July.


Miss 376 said...

It looks great, looking forward to what July will bring

neki desu said...

it sure looks as if you had a lot of fun. i like the combination of knitting and stitching.
and i also think that your choice of fabric accentuated the mood of the piece.

neki desu