Saturday, November 1, 2008

Final photos for TAST

First off, let me thank everyone who left comments on the TAST 2007 sampler I worked as part of last year's challenge.  I am always amazed at the generosity of the needlework community when it comes to taking time from their own work to offer advice and praise to others.

After fiddling a bit with my camera and waiting for daylight, I managed to get a few additional photos of the sampler's panels.  This is about as good as my camera allows, so I thank you for your indulgence.   The white dots are all white glass seed beads, except for the French Knot panel which contains no beading at all.

One additional note on how this canvas was worked:  I used a back-light to see the grid properly.  Even in daylight, it helped to have the canvas illuminated from behind.  My only do-over would be to use perle cotton thread throughout.   I completed the first four or five panels with 2 strands of DMC white floss, and these came out just fine.  But as Sharon assigned more complex stitches, DMC #8 perle cotton worked much better.  The difference in threads is not noticeable in the finished canvas fortunately.  For some later stitches in the challenge like French Knots, I returned to two strands of floss because of the flexibility of the thinner untwisted threads.  But overall, perle cotton was superior.

As to the disposition of the teapot blocks: they are all ripped out - talk about a do-over!  I will report on that project throughout this month, as well as the November challenge, as I have three days of vacation coming up.  That plus the November holidays will give me the opportunity to do a few more entries that I am usually able to produce in a month.

Having to do these blog entries certainly keeps me on top of my projects!  I am beginning to see why some fiber artists rely on blogging so much.  It's kind of like Weight Watchers, only there are no annual dues and you can eat all the chocolate you want.

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Miss 376 said...

I find it definitely gives you the incentive to get stitching when sometimes you don't feel like it. Other peoples stitching helps to provide inspiration too