Sunday, November 9, 2008

Another Noro Sweater Done

I spent yesterday morning stitching together another sweater I knit from Noro yarn.  The first one I posted earlier this month was done with Kureyon.  This one was knit with Aurora.  Aurora has some sections of the yarn wrapped with polyester.  Hence, the shiny stretches of varying length that pop up randomly on each row. Here's a close up.  The fiber is 55% wool, 20% kid mohair, and 20% silk, and 5% polyester.   The polyester sparkles in the sun.  The color palette is #8, Lot #A for those of you who are die-hard Noro fans.

And here's the whole sweater, done in K1P1 rib and simple stockinette.  I always toy with the idea of throwing in some cables or doing a fancy stitch with Noro yarns, but since the fibers are so colorful, I always end up letting the yarn stand on its own.

I made this sweater last year with yarn I purchased in Baltimore at the October Stitches East knitters convention.  I went Noro-nuts at a retail booth that had bags upon bags of all kinds on sale.  My initial plan was to have this sweater done by the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays, and the not-sparkly sweater done by January.  I made my deadline - sort of, being only a year late and all.

I don't usually block my sweaters.  After waiting months and years to wear them, blocking seems like one more hurdle I have to get over so I just ignore it.  But the pieces of this sweater were jammed into a small bag for about 12 months, so the fabric looks like, well, like it's been jammed into a small space for a year.  Wet blocking will definitely be needed here.  I guess that will teach me to store knitted fabric flat until the piecing is done!

Today, I must do some housework, but I will devote a bit of time to begin sewing up a Filatura di Crosa sweater that I finished knitting about six months ago.  At this rate, I will have a whole new wardrobe by next weekend.  Thank you again, Jane.


Miss 376 said...

I hate sewing up. I used to do all the knitting and send all the bits to a friend and paid her to sew them up for me. I'm a good girl now and do it myself. I can't believe you have had so many waiting to be sewn up

Jane said...

So much can get done when we "whip" ourselves, LOL You'll have some great sweaters to wear now that the season is changing! Love the colors in this one... thanks for the visit!