Sunday, August 17, 2008

Success - Sort Of

My original plan had been to fuse some contrasting flowered fabric to freezer paper and then copy some of my journal writing onto the fabric.  But I cheated.  I am running flat out with other projects and household chores and I didn't have time to play with this technique.  So, when I was in my local quilt shop on Saturday, I bought some pre-fused fabric that is specifically made to go through an ink jet copier.

Here's the journal page copied onto the prepared muslin.  Wow!  Too easy.  I am thinking I could make my own fabric designs.  For a quilter, this would be heaven, especially if you wanted to work photos or special designs into a quilt.  Now I want to try the freezer paper technique more than ever.

In any case, now that I have the journal page on plain fabric, I am rethinking my design for this part of the project.  Maybe on my drive back to the capitol tonight, I'll come up with something I'd like to try.  

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