Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Done, Mostly

I don't usually get to do anything personal on the computer during the week, but I have two field visits in my region today and tomorrow, so I am at home rather than in the capitol and can finalize my August TIF.

I realized the side of the page with the writing on it was not working out the way I had planned.  The floral fabric had an ivory cast to it, so the fabric with the writing on it looked stark.  It didn't even blend well with the front of the page.  So I took to attempting a bit of quilting-in-the-ditch on the front of the page to soften up the white fabric on the back.  As you can see from the following photo, it certainly didn't help.

I wished at that point that I had spent the extra time copying the text onto the floral fabric as I had originally planned.  That way, I would have had a solid piece of fabric to back the page and I wouldn't have had to worry about how the quilting would affect it.  Since I wasn't about to rip the piece and give myself a do-over, I thought about adding some appliqued flowers from the floral fabric to soften the white area.

And it worked pretty well, so I stitched up the binding and added a couple of flowers and I'm done.

And for those of you who try desperately to read the text which is incorporated into projects like this, it says:  "I'll use this as my checklist - oh, and there'll be time to knit in the doctor's office.  Yeah - could be a very good day if there are no complications, medical or otherwise.  June 1, 2005 - This is one of those mornings when my chest feels tight and I am trying to do 2 things at once (and I'd do 3 if I could).  My mind is racing because I have to finish all my work today in 4 hours and then wind up packing at home, grab the suitcases and race for the airport.  JW wasn't feeling so good this morning, so I am not sure if he'll be driving us.  Throw that uncertainty into the mix and you have the makings for one hectic morning and early afternoon.  I feel numb.  I feel like I don't have anything ready psychologically for this trip.  I know I will be meeting with "Big Al" but I feel like I'll be confronted with a whole bunch of choices I'm not ready to make.  I'll have to pick hardware, lighting fixtures, floor coverings and paint colors and I'm not sure what I want for some of those things.  I feel like there aren't enough decorator magazines in the world to fully address my uncertainty right now.  Maybe it's because I'm changing..."  I selected the text because there were no embellishments on the page - I just wanted straight text.  And here's the front of the page.  All I need now are two grommets or eyelets to accommodate the binding posts.  Whew!  Still up to date and reasonably balanced!

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Miss 376 said...

The appliqued flowers are wonderful