Sunday, October 5, 2008

TIF for October

I was really pleased with the color palette this month.  I wanted to try my hand at a third quilt, and my LQS owner pointed out a book of patterns for small individual projects.  The book is called "A Year of Paper Piecing: 12 Sensational Seasonal Designs" by Beverly Maxvill (Martingale & Co., Woodinville, WA, USA, 2008;   Here's the pattern that sold the book for me: 

See?  I told you last month I was more of an English garden kind of gal.

Anyway, I loved the teapot theme.  The little petit fours and the steam arising from the teacup require embroidery to embellish the piece and, well, I just loved the whole thing.   And I still loved the whole thing until I read what paper piecing required.  But I pushed ahead and studied the block some more and finally decided that I would need two certificates from psychiatrists attesting to my sanity if I were to make the block as called for by the directions.  Now, please don't get me wrong.  I am not a whip-it-up-quick person.  I don't mind taking my time on projects.  But some of the pieces on this block are so tiny I can't imagine getting them under the foot of my sewing machine without having them sucked into the bobbin box.  Plus, they are not of different fabrics! Gratuitous sewing, I say.

So I kept the design but modified it as follows:
  • I bought some lace fabric for the "tablecloth" and kept Ms. Maxvill's concept of Victorian "wallpaper" by purchasing a second fabric containing a metallic gold print.  I will use the "wallpaper" as a 12 1/2 X 12 1/2 inch foundation block and stitch the "tablecloth" to it.

  • I'll cut out the teapot and other design elements and applique them to the block.  I'll probably stitch the contrasting fabrics for the teapot and plates by machine if that makes sense.  Otherwise, it will be applique most of the way.  And since I love applique, well that will work out perfectly.
  • Instead of one block, I'll be repeating the design nine times for a quilt, but I'll use different fabrics for each block, keeping the "wallpaper" and "tablecloth" fabrics the same. 
Here are some of the fabrics I've already chosen from my stash (with a few new additions - there was  sale yesterday at my LQS.)  Not all of them will be used in this block, and a few others not shown will probably be added if I decide they look right as the block evolves and if they conform to Sharon's palette.

Here's the teapot cut out, with a possible rim fabric.

I plan to have at one block finished by the end of the month - plus a few more if I am lucky.   As to sashing, border, and binding fabrics - not yet chosen.  I thought I'd wait until all of the blocks are completed before I shop for any more fabric.  Plus my wallet needs a rest.  I am way over my $10 limit for the last four projects.

As a postscript to last month's project, Doris was gifted the quilt on Monday and she said she loved it.  And I think from her reaction she really did.   The leftover fabric also found a good home:  I gave all the Elvis fabric that remained to my LQS owner.  She told me that all week, as customers walked through the door, they'd announce, "Congratulations! You're the thirteenth customer of the day and we're awarding you some free Elvis fabric."  Not one person accepted the "prize."  Finally, one customer returned to the shop and said her sister would love the fabric to make a quilt for her son who is a loyal Elvis fan.  So everyone's happy, me included because I no longer have Elvis in my stash tempting me to use him up in another project.


Miss 376 said...

Glad the quilt found a happy home. I am looking forward to seeing this one come together. I love the deisgn and I think I would have simplified things too. Applique is a lovely way to go

IDESIGN said...

Thanks for your kind comments on my mugs--I have made almost a dozen now--I am behind in posting--there are so many hours--you know!
I hope you can make it to the show!
Looking forward to seeing your quilt come together--love the 'wallpaper' ;)