Saturday, September 6, 2008

Elvis Quilt in Progress

After I chose Elvis Presley as the theme for my quilt, I did a little Web-based research and found out that a guild in the U.S. had recently issued a challenge to its members to create Elvis quilts and that the guild had posted photos of the results.  So I swung by to get a little inspiration.  There were some really interesting interpretations, a couple of which were beyond me technically as this is only my second quilt.

Next, I Googled "Elvis fabrics" and came up with several online resources.  I decided to use the "Blue Hawaii" movie poster as the quilt back, and do a photo scrap book for the pieced front.

Here's the quilt back:  

And here are some of the photos that will be used on the front:

Of course, I spent a small fortune on the coordinating fabrics because I am not very good yet at determining what will work well in a quilt design.  Here is a small sampling of my purchases, one of which never made it into the project.  One fabric that is not in the photo contains a series of tropical stamps.  I purchased this fabric at Jo-Ann's and decided it would fit into the Hawaiian theme as well as address the "Return to Sender" song Elvis made popular.  It's visible in the second photo in this post.

I have a huge supply of the photo fabric left over, and I promised Nancy, my local quilt store owner, I'd bring it to her in case anyone else in the area wants to do an Elvis quilt.  Personally, I never want to look at anything Elvis ever again.  But I'm not complaining.  I feel like I am getting three-for-the-price-of-one this month: practice making another quilt; a gift for a dear friend; and another TIF challenge delivered on schedule.


Miss 376 said...

You have some beautiful fabric. Though I'm not an Elvis fan, I can't wait to see this made up

Susan said...

I'm not a big Elvis fan either....but my husband sure is! Even so, I'll be looking forward to seeing the finished piece! Your sense of color is wonderful.
PS Who's Nancy? Which quilt shop?