Thursday, April 17, 2008

Moving Right Along

After a bit of experimenting with fabric and fiber together, I decided that the best use of the materials I had on hand was to use the fabric as a base and then embellish with the fiber.  I knitted up several small swatches of fabric, but none of them coordinated well with the woven textiles.  The knitted swatches were of a heavier weight, and the knit and woven patterns did not mesh well.

So, I dragged out the sewing machine I had just received as a gift, choose several squares from "S-S-Silly Safari", and stitched a book page together.  Do not, under any circumstances, think this was an easy task.  New machine, new sewer - well, what more can I say, other than a serging stitch does the trick nicely, and I'll figure out how to sew a straight stitch at a later date.

When the swatch was done, I matched the knitted swatches against it to determine which fibers coordinated best with the page's fabrics.  I knit up an edging and some I-cord to outline the individual fabrics in the swatch, and now I'm ready to embellish the page.

I also did a bit of shopping in the last ten days.  I picked out the fabric, screw posts, and foam board for the book backing, and I bought fabric to face the finished page.  If the weather cooperates, I'll be out on the patio spraying adhesive on the foam board and attaching the fabric to the book backing.

Today, the women in my housing development are hosting a craft day.  We are going to be working on UFOs from 11 AM to 5 PM.  I couldn't resist this activity so I took a day of vacation in order to attend.  I hope to have made significant progress on this month's challenge by the end of the day.

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