Saturday, February 9, 2008

Longer than I expected

I apologize to the few readers who have left comments and are waiting to see Nikki and her pals all dressed to kill.  I hit a few speed bumps on the road to project completion.

First of all, it is no longer possible to buy fashion doll accessories.  I must confess that I did not complete an exhaustive search for doll shoes and purses.  But I did visit three or four stores looking for those bubble packs of accessories I remember my sisters getting after my mother made doll clothes for them.  A gentleman in one store told me they hadn't carried accessories for at least three years.  I guess this says either we are now so affluent that we just want to buy whole outfits, or it say we are so litigious that companies are no longer willing to risk a lawsuit over a potential choking hazard so they'll stop selling very small items.  In any case, Nikki is shoeless and bagless.

Second of all, a stream of disappointed women came through my office door to tell me they couldn't find their Barbie dolls.  Well, I can see clearly how this happened.  Either their minds are failing and they can't remember where they actually put them, or someone in their household was doing a clear-out and the dolls got tossed into the trash.  Of course, the guilty parties who chucked Barbie will never own up.  It's much easier to let your spouse think the item you are looking for is just misplaced.  One woman came in all harried with the story that she spent three hours in the attic searching for Barbie and came away empty handed.  She left my office though saying that the search had been worthwhile because now she knew where some other long-stored items were and the attic was all neat and tidy.

In any case, I have two fashion dolls in my possession and I will try to do the fashion show with them tomorrow.

As for the February challenge, I am still mulling over what I want to do.  Last month, I zoomed out of the starting gate.  This month, I am being a bit more thoughtful.  I am thinking I might try to learn some photoshop techniques and incorporate some old photos as part of the "I remember" theme.  I will select the photos over the next week and decide how I want to handle them in the overall project.   I'd also like to do some text to give the photos context.  I'll be able to devote my full attention to this after the fashion show. 

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loretta said...

Poor Barbie, shoeless and bagless. Well, if you photograph her above the ankles, it won't show. As for the purse, I'm sure Barbie will look so spectacular in her outfits that Ken will spring for the date so she won't need a purse!

Thankfully, any photos I might have for you are upstairs and not in the attic. My hat is off to the lady who'd search through the attic for a Barbie.